Announcements 2016–2017

Columbia Law Review Notes Selected for Publication

Please join the Columbia Law Review in congratulating the following student authors on their Notes selected for publication in Volume 1​1​7​​​ of the Review:

Ryan Hayward, Evaluating ‘Imminence’ of a Cyber Attack for Purposes of Anticipatory Self-Defense

Marie Killmond, Why Is Vaccination Different? A Comparative Analysis of Religious Exemptions

Soo Jee Lee, Can Parents Have Rights When Their Children Do?: The Tension Between U.S. Law and Article 12 of the CRC

Michael A. Naclerio, Accountability Through Procedure? An Examination of Charter School Accountability and Special Education Rights

Eric Ormsby, The Refugee Crisis as Civil Liberties Crisis

Tandice Ossareh, Would You Like Blue Eyes with That?: A Fundamental Right to Genetic Modification of Embryos

Nicole E. Smith, The Old College Trial: Evaluating the Single-Investigator Model for Adjudicating Claims of Sexual Misconduct

Please join the Columbia Law Review in welcoming the following new 2L editors:

Alicia Abboud

Cristina Alvarez

Amy Berkowitz

Luke Budiardjo

German Carvajal

Young Choi

Zachary Chotzen-Freund

Nicola Cohen

Michael Crafts

Yasmin Dagne

Mikal Davis-West

Sam Ferenc

John Fraser

Robin Gimm

Samantha Hall

Gideon Hanft

Kevin Heiner

Ademisola Ijidakinro

Megan Ji

Alexsis Johnson

Christopher Johnson

Jan Jorritsma

Adam Katz

Elizabeth Kim

Michael Lanci

Eve Levin

Joseph Margolies

Patricio Martinez-Llompart

Christopher Morel

Julie-Irene Nkodo

Edward Olds

Komal Patel

Alexander Peerman

Bruce Pettig

Lauren Phillips

Anthony Raduazo

Kelsey Ruescher

Melissa Vallejo

Alison Vandenburgh

Michael Washington

Jordan Weatherwax

Michael Weinberg

Alexandra Widas

Phoebe Wolfe

Alex Wolinsky

Columbia Law Review Notes Selected for Publication

Please join the Columbia Law Review in congratulating the following student authors on their selection for publication in Volumes 116/117 of the Review:

Nicholas Caros, Interior Landmarks Preservation and Public Accessibility

Catriela Cohen, Charitable Commerce: Examining Property-Tax Exemptions for Community Economic Development Organizations

Remy Grosbard, Dividing the Plausible Sheep From the Meritless Goats: The Duty to Inform in the Post-Dudenhoeffer World of ERISA

Kyla Magun, A Changing Landscape for Pretrial Detainees?: The Potential Impact of Kingsley v. Hendrickson on Jail-Suicide Litigation and Prevention

Michael Marvin, Federal Preemption and Interest Rate Exportation: Madden‘s Impact on National Banks, the Secondary Credit Market, and P2P Lending Counsels for Its Reversal

Reilly S. Steel, The Underground Rulification of the Ordinary Business Operations Exclusion: A Return to Cracker Barrel?

Dane Warren, Evaluating the “Climate Change Displacement Coordination Facility”: How the UNFCCC Can Address Forced Climate Migration After Paris COP21

Shu-en Wee, The Gebardi “Principles”

James Wiseman, Reasonable, but Wrong: Reckless Disregard and Deliberate Ignorance in the False Claims Act after Hixson


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